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The Real World is our Laboratory. Clean Air is Our Mission.™

Sy-Klone International is a worldwide leader in the design and production of precleaning systems (powered and non-powered) used on HVAC units and engines in many applications, including heavy equipment, mining, agriculture, fire and rescue, military, construction, demolition, and forestry. Considered pioneers in the industry of air precleaning and adaptive filtration, Sy-Klone International owns more than 60 patents and is a Tier-1 supplier to many of the largest OEMs in the world, often designing custom products and installations for those companies. Established in 1986, Sy-Klone is based in Jacksonville, Florida.

Featured Products:

  • Engine Products, simple single-stage precleaning to robust powered precleaning options for extreme debris.
  • Cab and Enclosure Products, cost effective tools at providing clean air to your HVAC system.

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Engine Products


Cab and Enclosure Products