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Helping Your Bottom Line, remove 98% of all particles to 3 or 5 microns.

Since 1974, Encyclon has been designing and manufacturing cyclonic filtration systems. Our knowledge and applications experience have made us a leader in the industry. Encyclon has provided solutions to a diverse range of industrial clients. And because we manufacture all of our systems in-house, we can modify or custom-build a unit to meet your unique requirements.

Encyclon Cyclonic Filtration Systems filter, circulate and store coolants for metalworking and other water-base or synthetic liquid operations. They operate on the simplest, most efficient means of separating foreign particles from liquids?centrifugal force generated in a cyclonic chamber. They employ no filter media or diatomaceous earth. Because of its double cleansing action, the Encyclon cyclonic chamber removes 98% of all particles to 3 or 5 microns without impairing the original chemical properties of the coolant.

Two Styles of Cyclones:

Encyclon give you a choice of either 3 or 5 micron filtration, both with 98% efficiency. The number of cyclones fitted on a system will vary depending on the flow rate you require.

  • Type Number 28 offers 3 micron filtration and a 5 gallon per minute flow rate.
  • Type Number 65 is for 5 micron filtration and a 20 gallon per minute flow rate.

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