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Chip Trapper

Filter the chips out of your used coolant and cutting oils! Vacuum in the liquid with solids, pumps out only the liquid!

What is The Chip Trapper?

The patented Chip Trapper offers a fast, easy way to clean chips, swarf and shavings out of used coolants and other liquids. The Chip Trapper vacuums the coolant or liquid that is filled with debris and traps all the solids in a reusable filter bag. Only the liquid pumps back out. It is ideal for use on machines with sumps, parts washers, tanks and storage containers of contaminated liquids.

The Chip Trapper use EXAIR's compressed air powered Reversible Drum Vac pump (included) that can fill or empty a 55 gallon drum in less than two minutes. SImply set the Reversible Drum Vac pump and directional flow control valve n top of the drum to "fill" for it to quickly vacuum the liquid with solids. Once the sump, pit or tank is empty, set the pump and directional vale to "empty" for it to pump out clean coolant/liquid. All the chips and other solids are trapped inside the reusable filter bag of the Chip Trapper.

Why The Chip Trapper?

A sudden lack of coolant flow in a machining operation will likely damage the part and expensive tooling. Machine tools commonly discharge some chips and shavings into the coolant sump. As the chips accumulate and mound up, the coolant flow used to flood the part and tooling becomes restricted. Some high pressure coolant system sound an audible alarm and abruptly shut down the machine when low coolant flow occurs. This result in downtime to fix the problem and clear the alarm. That isn't the case with standard machines where immediate damage occur if the operator fails to spot the lack of coolant. Regular cleaning of the coolant sump with the Chip Trapper can quickly eliminate this very costly problem.

How The Chip Trapper Works?

The vacuum hose is attached to the barbed connection of the Chip Trapper. The directional flow control valve on top of the drum and knob on the pump are set to the "fill" position. The air supply valve is opened to permit compressed air at 80-100 PSIG (5.5 – 6.9 BAR) to flow through the pump which pulls the liquid through the hose, then into the reusable filter bag. When all liquid is in the drum, the air supply is turned off . The filtered liquid can then be pumped out by setting the directional flow control valve on top of the drum and the knob on the pump to the "empty" position. Once the air supply valve is opened, the air pushes the liquid back through the hose while all solids remain in the reusable filter bag.


  • CNC's
  • Lathes
  • Saws
  • Mills
  • Drills
  • Parts washers
  • Pits
  • Tanks
  • Containers
  • Grinders


  • Removes unwanted solids from liqid
  • Recycle coolants
  • No Moving Parts
  • No motor to clog or wear out
  • Self priming stainless steel pump
  • Safe - no electricity
  • Built-in pressure/vacuum relief
  • Drum is included
  • Spill free - auto safety shutoff
  • Quiet

Chip Trapper System Specifications


Built To Last

The stainless steel pump has no motors or impellers to clog or wear out and there is no electricity or shock hazard! Safe operation is assured with a built-in pressure/vacuum relief and an automatic safety shutoff valve that prevents spills or overfilling.

Here are some sample of applications:

Chips can accumulate in the sump, restricting coolant flow.


The Chip Trapper pumps the cooant back into the sump - free of chips and debris.


Chip Trapper filters out solids from parts washer fluids.

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