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  • Auxiliary Clean Coolant and Self Prime Pumps.

Clean Coolant Pumps are designed to be reliable and versatile. Encyclon uses industrial vertical end suction pumps with heavy-duty one-piece shaft construction which has no seals, bushings or metal to metal contact below the mounting plate. This will ensure maintenance-free pump life.

A Clean Coolant Pump is recommended for multiple machine operation or if a pressure greater than 10 p.s.i. is desired.

Standard sizes available for your system are 2, 3, 5, 7-1/2 and 10 Horsepower. Larger sizes are available for your application.

High pressure and specialty pumps are also available. Please consult us.


  • "Little Tramp" Oil Skimmer

Simple, low-cost solution for tramp oil problems. The Encyclon “Little Tramp” Oil Wheel is an inexpensive investment when compared with fluid costs and machine maintenance. The equipment pays for itself in a very short time. For ease of operation and cost-efficient oil removal, “Little Tramp” outperforms rope, coalescers and centrifuges.

Tramp oil adheres to the slowly rotating disk and is automatically channeled by stationary wiper blades into a collector trough. With few moving parts, “Little Tramp” Oil Wheel is easy to install and maintain, and simple to operate. Removing hydraulic, lubricating and other tramp oils and greases from machine tool sump coolants offers these advantages:

- Coolant life is extended (as much as four to five times).

- Less time spent cleaning parts and machines.

- Smoke, mist and bacteria growth are reduced.

- Oil can be sold or burned, while the coolant can be disposed of or more easily reclaimed.

“Little Tramp” Oil Wheel removes floating oil from metal working fluids or other liquids at the rate of 1.5 gallons per hour.


  • Magnetic Separators

Encyclon Magnetic Separators use a system of high energy magnets to generate a dense magnetic field.

- Ferromagnetic particles are captured by magnets and aligned along its surfaces. This forms an efficient, no cost filter medium.

- This ferromagnetic filter can also remove most non-magnetic particles.

- The filter density is automatically monitored at the inlet section of the unit. As the coolant reaches a designated level, the adjustable indexing mechanism removes the spent layer of filter medium from the flow path. A fresh layer of filter medium is exposed to the coolant flow for continuous filtration.

- The spent filter medium is drained and then slides up an inclined scraper blade. The material is automatically discarded into a tote pan.

- The magnetically filtered coolant is then ready for cyclonic filtration.


  • "New Life" 962 UV Generator

The two main enemies of coolant are bacteria and acid. When coolant is soured by bacteria, it becomes rancid. Contact dermatitis is a common result. Acid build-up in coolant destroys lubricity. The “New Life” 962 UV Generator kills bacteria and neutralizes acid, thereby dramatically extending the life of the coolant.


  • Coolant Refrigeration Systems

Encyclon coolant refrigeration units are designed especially for Encyclon Cyclonic Filtration Systems. Their proven advantages include an extended coolant life, absence of contaminants in supply and return lines, and minimum heat build-up. The refrigerant is quickly circulated through evaporator coils which are immersed in the upper coolant tank. Encyclon refrigeration units consist of:

- An air-cooled condensing unit with full controls for automatic operation including an adjustable thermostat with a range from 60°F to 120°F ± 2°F.

- A stainless steel drop-in type evaporator coil.

- Digital temperature controller to maintain 70°F in a 90° ambient.

- Housed in a painted steel cabinet and supplied with an aluminum air intake filter.

To maximize grinder accuracies, it is essential to control the expansion and contraction of all metal parts being ground. A more constant, and therefore desirable, temperature on surface parts is maintained because of slow heat build-up due to a low evaporation rate.

Encyclon coolant refrigeration unit is an extremely efficient refrigeration system. It is not a simple waste water chiller.

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