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Gen4 Ionizing Point

Single point ionizer for spot neutralization!

What is The Gen4 Ionizing Point?

EXAIR's Gen4 Ionizing Point is a compact, single point ionizer ideal for winding, rewinding or slitting operations. It can also be mounted through a duct to neutralize static charge due to moving air or materials.

The shockless Gen4 Ioizing Point delivers a high concentration of positive and negative ions for fast static decay. It can neutralize any surface within 2" 951mm).


  • Winding
  • Rewinding
  • Slitting
  • Neutralizing ducted air


  • Electromagneticaly shielded high voltage cable
  • Armored high voltage cable protets agains abrasion, cuts
  • Integrated ground design requires no separate ground connection
  • Low cost
  • Replaceable emitter point
  • Rapid static decay
  • Shockless
  • Non-radioactive
  • Compact

Gen4 Ionizing Point Specifications

EXAIR Model 7960 or 7961 Gen4 Power Supply (5kV) is required for Ionizing Point operation.

Certifications: The Gen4 Ionizing Point and Gen4 Power Supply are UL Component Recognized to U.S. and Canadian safety standards, and are CE and RoHS compliant.

Electrical: For use with 5 kVrms, 5 milliamperes (max.) power supply.

Electrical Hazard: Shockless (less than 40 microamperes short circuited).

Do not use near flammable materials or gases.

Materials of Construction:

Metal Parts: Stainless Steel

Plastic Parts: UL rated 94 HB

Emitter: Stainless Steel

Maximum Ambient Temperature: 165°F (74°C)

Here are some sample of applications:

The Gen4 Ionizing Point can be machine or duct mounted


The compact size makes the Gen4 Ionizing Point ideal for winding or slitting operations.

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