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Magnetic Filtration Products

Sub-Micron Filtration for Industrial Fluids.

ECLIPSE patented Magnetic Filtration Systems are the ultimate in filtration technology, providing cost, quality and environmental benefits.

  • Increased Product Quality, 100% removal of ferrous particles ensures a cleaner cut or grind. A magnetic filter/separator protects the part surface from the abrasive effects of ferrous particles and ensures a premium “mirror” finish to meet demanding tolerances. This in turn reduces reject rates, improves quality consistency and in applications such as cutting tools means that the product can command a higher sale price.
  • Longer lasting Cleaner Fluids, with a sub-micron filtration capability, magnetic filtration ensures fluids, such as oil and coolants, are cleaner and run for longer periods. In many cases this results in huge fluid, coolants or oil purchase and disposal savings. All the cleaned fluid is returned back into the cycle. Cleaner fluids are also recommend by law to reduce the risk of exposure and contamination.
  • No Consumables - Reduce Waste, unlike some traditional filters or separators which use replaceable media such as powder or paper, magnetic filters require no consumable items thereby presenting significant cost savings, and reducing the the amount of waste sent to landfill. Any ferrous contamination can be collected and recycled.

Featured Products:

  • Micromag, manual clean, ideal for single cell machines, smaller wash stations, flow rate up to 150 litres per minute.
  • Filtramag, manual clean, ideal for tungsten carbide, cast iron or use in chemical environments, flow rate up to 500 litres per minute.
  • Automag, automated cleaning, for non-stop 24/7 operation, flow rates up to 10.000 litres per minute.

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