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Magnetic Separation Products


Process Protection - High Performance Magnetic Separation & Detection Systems

ECLIPSE success is founded on key market advantages:

• High intensity magnetic separation technology – first class performance
• Advanced magnetic separator product design – total reliability and compatibility with application
• First rate service – a full understanding of the needs of our markets
One of the greatest challenges to processing industries is ensuring the maximum integrity of the finished product. Failure to do so can be catastrophic with the real risk of causing personal harm and untold damage to the brand.

Contamination risks exist at most stages of production, to combat this a robust HACCP system and high performance foreign body removal equipment such as magnetic separation and detection systems are vital.

ECLIPSE magnetic separation systems are used in almost every processing industry to remove ferrous and para-magnetic contamination from process lines, preventing product contamination and damage to machinery.

Featured Products:

  • Magnetic Rods, high intensity individual rods for gravity feed of powders and granular product.
  • Easy Clean Housed Magnetic Grid, for ultra-fine ferrous and paramagnetic particle removal on gravity feed systems.
  • High Intensity Liquid Filter, provides protection on pressurised transfer lines for liquids and pastes
  • And more!


High Intensity Liquid Filter Magnet (animation)


Easy Clean Housed Magnetic Grid (animation)

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