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Adjustable Vacuum Generator

A simple turn can increase or decrease vacuum and flow!

What is The Adjustable E-Vac?

EXAIR's Adjustable E-Vac is a series of low cost, compressed air powered vacuum generators where the vacuum and flow rates can be easily adjusted to suit the application requirements. These vacuum pumps are ideal for a wide variety of pick and place, box opening, clamping, lifting, chucking, and surface mounting applications. They are Maintenance Free and have No Moving Parts to wear out.

Why The Adjustable E-Vac?

Engineered for high efficiency, the Adjustable E-Vac minimizes the compressed air use by allowing it to be tuned to application. With simple turn of the unit, the vacuum and flow levels can be changed to overcome porosity and increase or decrease the lifting power. The straight-through, single stage aluminum construction requires no vacuum filter and simply passes contaminants from dirty environments through the unit so there is no clongging or loss of suction.

Adjustable E-Vac is available in 4 sizes that have adjustable vacuum rates up to 25" Hg (85 kPa) and flow rates up to 81 SCFM (2,294 SLPM).

How The Adjstable E-Vac Works?

Compressed air flows through the inlet (1), then through a single directed nozzle (2). As the airstream exhausts, it expands and increases in velocity prior to passing through the venturi (3). A vacuum inlet tangential to the primary airflow (4) is located at the suction point between the orifice and the venturi. The airflow that is drawn through the vacuum inlet mixes with the primary airstream, then exhausts on the opposite end (5).

The amount of vacuum flow can be adjusted. When facing the exhaust end, loosen the lock ring (turn counterclockwise), then turn the exhaust. To increase flow, turn the exhaust counterclockwise. To decrease flow, turn the exhaust clockwise. Be careful not to unthread the exhaust completely. There will be a point where no more vacuum flow can be achieved.

The amount of vacuum created varies with the porosity of the load being picked up. Units come from the factory set to 15” Hg if used on a solid, non-porous surface. A maximum of 25” Hg can be achieved on a solid, non-porous surface, but will require increasing the air consumption and vacuum flow.

Adjustable E-Vac Dimensions


Adjustable E-Vac Vacuum Generators

Choose the Adjustable E-Vac by the SCFM (SLPM) flow that best suits the performance needed for your application (see Performance Table below).

Adjustable E-Vac Kits give you the ability to experiment with an assortment of vacuum cups. E-Vac Kits include a muffler, an assortment of (4) pairs of vacuum cups (closely matched to the performance of that E-Vac), (2) straight, (2) elbow and (1) tee vacuum fittings, 10' (3m) of vacuum tubing and a mounting clip.

Adjustable E-Vac Deluxe Kits include the same items as the standard kit with the addition of an automatic drain filter separator for the compressed air supply and pressure regulator (with coupler).

Adjustable E-Vac Performance

The amount of vacuum created varies with the porosity of the load being picked up. Units come from the factory set to 15" Hg (51 kPa). A maximum of 25" Hg (85 kPa) can be achieved on a solid, non-porous surface, but will require increasing the air consumption and vacuum flow.

Choose A Suitable Vacuum Cup

Round Cups are best suited to smooth, flat surfaces. They will grip and release quickly. These cups hold their shape with extended use and grip well to vertical surfaces. Round cups with cleats are better at lifting heavy loads. Cups without cleats can be used for light lifting.


Oval cups provide the most vacuum due to the larger surface area. They provide more vacuum power than round cups and are suited to lifting heavy loads. They are designed to handle flat rigid sheet materials like wood, glass, cardboard boxes and composites.

Bellows Cups are best suited to textured, uneven surfaces. The folds, called convolutions, provide a collapsible area that allows the cup to quickly compress when it touches the uneven surface. The attach and release time is greater due to the significant volume of the cup.

Vacuum Cup Dimensions

Increased Energy And Vacuum Efficiency

Energy and vacuum efficiency are not limited to the Adjustable E-Vac vacuum generators. All E-Vac styles and models can offer significant improvements when looking to reduce the amount of compressed air used for a specific vacuum application. Once the appropriate amount of vacuum and flow for the application are determined, it is important to select the appropriate model that will deliver the best performance while using the least amount of compressed air that it takes to do the job.

Many companies have a centralized vacuum system where the vacuum is generated at a location that is far away from the point of use. The long runs of piping through the plant produce line loss and it is often difficult to obtain that perfect balance of vacuum and flow required for an application. The compact, In-line E-Vac vacuum generators eliminate this problem since they can be mounted at the point where the vacuum source is needed. EXAIR’s Application Engineers can help you to select the E-Vac vacuum generator and vacuum cups that provide the right amount of lifting capability while minimizing the amount of compressed air usage.

Other Applications For E-Vac

E-Vacs are used in many other “non-lifting” applications. They are commonly used for vessel evacuation, clamping, chucking, and other work holding applications. Many types of automated equipment use vacuum to evacuate, grip, hold, align and insert parts. These vacuums can be used for surface mounting, vacuum packaging, bag opening, label placement, carton forming and container evacuation.

Another popular application is using the E-Vac for liquid sampling. This process can easily be accomplished using an E-Vac vacuum generator attached to a liquid holding tube. When the tube is dipped into a vat, tank or container, the compressed air is turned on so it draws a specific volume of liquid up into the tube. When the compressed air is turned off, the liquid flows from the tube and can be dispensed into a container or machine to be analyzed.

Accessories Needed To Build Your Vacuum System

EXAIR offers a variety of mufflers, tubing, check valves, and fittings that make it easy to build a vacuum system best suited to your vacuum application.

When using E-Vac vacuum generators, it is important to use a source of clean, dry compressed air that will keep them operating at their peak performance. Automatic drain filter separators to keep the compressed air free of contaminants and moisture. Oil removal filters that remove oil particulates that are common to many compressed air systems are also shown. Pressure regulators, shutoff valves, compressed air hose, and solenoid valves (to electrically turn the compressed air on and off) 


Optional silencing mufflers are available that permit maximum exhaust of the E-Vac unit so cycle speed is not reduced. The Standard Muffler (for use with In-Line E-Vacs only) has a closed end and is suitable for applications that are free of dust and debris. The Straight Through Muffler is recommended where particulates are present since it will not accumulate debris that can erode performance. Straight Through Mufflers offer the best sound level reduction (up to 26 dBA).

Fittings and Tubing

The vacuum port of the E-Vac has an NPT thread (a vacuum cup can be threaded directly into it). For vacuum cups that are remotely located, push-in connector fittings (most have global threads for use with NPT and BSP), or hose barb fittings can be installed on the E-Vac and the vacuum cup. Polyurethane vacuum tubing is available (10', 20', 30', 40' and 50' lengths) to connect them. For best performance, the length of the tubing should be minimized to achieve the best attach and release times.

Check Valve

A vacuum check valve is available to hold the vacuum in case of compressed air loss. E-Vac vacuum generators that are used without a check valve will release the load if there is a significant drop in compressed air pressure or the supply of compressed air is lost.

 Sample of application:

The vacuum level of the Adjustable E-Vac can quickly be changed from lifting lightweight pavers to heavy cement blocks.

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