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Gen4 Super Ion Air Knife

Powerful static eliminator prevents jamming, tearing, shocks and dust up to 20' (6.1m) away!

What is The Gen4 Super Ion Air Knife?

EXAIR's Gen4 Super Ion Air Knife offers 34% improved performance at low pressures allowing you to achieve the same or better results, which saves compressed air and money. Gen4 Super Ion Air Knife remove static electricity from plastics, webs, sheet stock and other product surface where tearing, jamming or hazardous shocks are a problem.

The laminar sheet of air sweeps surfaces clean of static, particulate, dust and dirt. Production speeds, product quality and surface cleanliness can improve dramatically.

Why The Gen4 Super Ion Air Knife?

The Gen4 Super Ion Air Knife floods an area of surface with static eliminating ions - up to 20 feet (6.1m) away. A uniform airflow across its length will not cause misalignments to critical surfaces such as webs. Force can be adjusted from a "blast" to a "breeze". The Gen4 Super Ion Air Knife is electrically powered, is shockless and has No Moving Parts. It also requires only 3.7 SCFM of compresed air per foot of length at 5 PSIG (105 SLPM per 300mm of length at 0.3 BAR). Sound level is surprisingly quiet at 50 dBA for most applications.

Uses The Super Air Knife:

  • Low air consumption!
  • Surprisingly quiet!
  • Uniform airflow!
  • End and bottom air inlets!

How The Gen4 Super Ion Air Knife Works?

Compressed air flows through an inlet into the plenum chamber of the Gen4 Super Ion Air Knife. The flow is directed to a precise, slotted orifice. As the primary airflow exits, it creates a uniform sheet of air across the entire length that immediately pulls in surrounding room air. An electrically powered ionizing bar fills the curtain of air with positive and negative charges. The airstream delivers these static eliminating ions to the product surface where it is instantly neutralized and cleaned of dust and other particulates.


  • Web cleaning
  • Molding machinery
  • Sheeters and trimmers
  • Cleaning parts
  • Pre-paint dust removal
  • Shrink wrappers
  • Package cleaning
  • Bag opening/fill operations
  • Printing equipment


  • Up to 34% improved performance
  • Rugged metal armored and electromagnetically shielded cable
  • Integrated ground eliminates additional ground connection
  • Durable stainless steel connections to power supply
  • Low air consumption
  • Uniformairflow across entire length
  • Quiet
  • Effective up to 20 feet (6.1m)
  • Shockless, non-radioactive
  • Compact, rugged, easy to install
  • Unlimited system lengths of uninterrupted airflow
  • Low maintenance
  • UR/CE
  • EMC Compliant
  • Modular power supply cable eases connections and routing

Added Features

  • Compressed air inlets are provided on each end and the bottom of the Gen4 Super Ion Air Knife. Unlimited lengths available up to 118" (3m)
  • Thicker shims can be installed easily if additional hard-hitting velocity is required.
  • Primary air does not impact any surface of the Gen4 Super Ion Air Knife which keeps the sound level low.
  • Insertion molded emitter points eliminate potential dirt accumulation that could degrade performance or eventually short the ionizing bar.
  • Emitter points are sharp, durable stainless steel.
  • The high voltage cable is armored to resist cuts and abrasion and has integral grounding, which prevents an additional connection. The threaded bayonet connector is fully assembled and ready to use.
  • Electromagnetically shielded cable protect sensitive electronics.
  • Gen4 Super Ion Air Knife Kits, which include all components necessary for operation, are available

Enhanced Performance and Reliability

Gen4 Ionizing Bars are most effective with an air delivery system. That allows the static eliminating ions to reach farther with greater coverage. Gen4 Ionizing Bars are less effective without an air delivery system. When used by itself, a bar must be mounted within 4 inches of the charged surface to fully neutralize it. This close mounting is impossible when the static is generated in confined areas of a machine. Ion coverage is minimal on oddly configured parts or when high production speeds are involved. The right type of air delivery is critical. Blowers produce an uneven, turbulent airstream that can cause the positive and negative ions to recombine before hitting the charged material. They are large, suffer mechanical wear and provide limited airflow control. The compact Gen4 Super Ion Air Knife uses a small amount of compressed air to produce a balanced, laminar sheet of air to carry the ions to the charged surface, even when it is far away. Flow and force are easily controlled and there are no moving parts to wear out.

Gen4 Super Ion Air Knife Specifications

The Gen4 Super Ion Air Knife is available in standard lengths of 3", 6", 9", 12", 18", 24", 30", 36", 42", 48", 54", 60", 72", 84", 96" and 108" (76, 152, 229, 305, 457, 610, 762, 914, 1067, 1219, 1372, 1524, 1829, 2134, 2438 and 2743mm). Special lengths and unlimited system lengths are available (please contact us). A 5' (1.52m) armored and electromagnetically shielded power cable with ground and assembled bayonet connector are included.

EXAIR Model 7960 or 7961 Gen4 Power Supply (5kV) is required for Super Ion Air Knife operation. Power supplies are equipped with a modular 6' (1.83m) power cord, lighted power switch integrated fuse on the primary and (2) or (4) high voltage outlets.

Certifications: Gen4 Ionizing Bars and Gen4 Power Supplies are UL Component Recognized to U.S. and Canadian safety standards, and are CE and RoHS compliant.

Compressed Air: 1/4 NPT inlets are provided on each end and the bottom.

Electrical: For use with Model 7960 or 7961 5 kVrms, 5 milliamperes (max.) power supply.

Electrical Hazard: Gen4 Ionizing Bars are shockless (less than 40 microamperes short circuited).

Do not use near flammable materials or gases.

Materials of Construction:

Metal Parts: Aluminum
Plastic Parts: UL rated 94 HB
Emitters: Stainless Steel

Maximum Ambient Temperature: 165°F (74°C)
Shims: Thicker shims can be installed easily if additional hard-hitting velocity is required.

Case Study


The Problem: Car bodies are primer coated, then sanded before entering the paint booth. Priming dust, attracted to the car body by a static charge, creates imperfections that are captured and magnified in the painting process.

The Solution: An “archway” of Model 112024 24" (610mm) Gen4 Super Ion Air Knives was installed upstream of the paint booth. As the car bodies pass through, a high velocity sheet of ionized air neutralizes the static charge to release the dust and blow it toward a collection system.

Comment: Non-turbulent airflow was the reason this cleaning system worked so well. The compact Gen4 Super Ion Air Knife has the ability to move the bulk of the static eliminating ions to the car surface. It can be adjusted from a gentle breeze of air to a pounding blast, with instant “on/off ” capability. Uniform airflow across the entire length assures that all car body surfaces are neutralized and dust free. Best of all, the Gen4 Super Ion Air Knife is easy on the compressed air system and workers' ears. They use much less compressed air than standard blowoffs and are around 69 dBA in most applications. EXAIR's EFC is an electronic flow control for compressed air. It can sense when there is no car present and will automatically turn off the compressed air until the next car is moved into position. It is a perfect addition to this type of application.

A Manufacturer of Perfumes and Fragrances Eliminates Dust From Their Packages

The Problem: A manufacturer of perfumes and fragrances had a problem with the packaging of their fine perfumes.The conveyor belt used to transport the boxes to the cellophane sealer rubbed against the box surface and induced a sizable static electricity charge on it that made it a "dust magnet". The cardboard dust and particulates in their facility would land on the perfume boxes that were sent through the cellophane sealer. The trapped dust gave a poor appearance to the finished package. The company refused to let the boxes with the poor appearance leave their facility. Attempts to clean them using ordinary air guns produced poor results.

The Solution: The company installed a Model 112018 18" (457mm) Gen4 Super Ion Air Knife prior to the box entering the sealer. The charged surface was completely neutralized with the ionized airflow and the dust and particulates were blown away. The cellophane covered boxes were perfectly clean.

Comment: EXAIR's Gen4 Super Ion Air Knife is used for applications just like these where appearance is vital to the sale of the product. The Gen4 Super Ion Air Knifeis commonly used for package cleaning, bag opening and filing operations, cleaning automobile bodies prior to painting, web cleaning, as well as eliminating jams, tears and those painful static electricity shocks.

Cleaning Porcelain Dishes Prior To Glazing

The Problem: A manufacturer of fine porcelain dinnerware products had a problem with dust ruining the finish on their dishes. Dust particles were adhering to the surface of the dishes which created imperfections that were greatly magnified once the glaze was applied. Prior to glazing, they made attempts to blow the dust particles away using ordinary air nozzles which had little effect, if any. There were abundant rejects.

The Solution: They installed (3) Model 112018 18" (457mm) Gen4 Super Ion Air Knives to surround each dish, neutralize the static charge and remove the dust particles. Any airborne particulate was immediately vacuumed away by their dust collection system. The dishes were completely smooth to the touch with no imperfections.

Comment: A similar problem used to plague automotive manufacturers. The static charge generated by the auto-mobile body tack off operation would cause the car body to attract stray particles of priming dust. Once the paint hits a dust particle, it sticks out like a sore thumb and ruins an otherwise perfect robotic paint job. The Gen4 Super Ion Air Knife is ideal here since it neutralizes the charge and blows the dust away (in the direction of their dust collection system). To minimize compressed air use for these applications, we recommend the use of an EXAIR EFC Electronic Flow Control that automatically turns off the compressed air when no part is present.

Here are some sample of applications:

This 96" Long Gen4 Super Ion Air Knife cleans an acrylic sheet before protective wrap is applied.


The Gen4 Super Ion Air Knife eliminates the static charge on labels being applied to PET soft drink bottles.



The Model 112048 48" (1219mm) Gen4 Super Ion Air Knife neutralizes the static electricity and cleans the surface of the paper.


Bumpers, car bodies and fascia are cleaned of dust and fibers prior to painting


(3) Model 112018 18" (457mm) Gen4 Super Ion Air Knives neutralize the static charge and remove the dust particle from a fine porcelain dinnerware products.


The Model 112118 18" (457mm) Gen4 Super Ion Air Knife System eliminates dust from body care products prior to sealing the boxes in cellophane.

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