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Meeting the demands of the Tier 3 and Tier 4 engines requires properly sized precleaners to optimize efficiency and minimize restriction. Sy-Klone International offers a variety of options to ensure your goals are met. From simple single-stage precleaning to robust powered precleaning options for extreme debris, Sy-Klone can help protect your equipment and greatly extend filter life while keeping restriction and costs to a minimum. With 30 years of experience in setting the standard in disruptive technology, Sy-Klone offers you the most patented and proven precleaning options on the market today.

XLR Powered Precleaner

Powered: Yes, 12 or 24 Volt

Precleaning Efficiency: 99.99% on ISO Fine Test Dust (Precleaning efficiency remains consistent throughout engine operating range)

Restriction: Zero restriction up to 130 CFM (3.68 m3/min) XLR = eXtra Low Restriction, even with Tier 4 Engines


Series 9000

Powered: No

Precleaning Efficiency: 70-80% on ISO Coarse Test Dust (Precleaning efficiency changes with engine speed)

Restriction: Based on Precleaner Size


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Series 9000 Precleaner


XLR Powered Precleaner