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Invertec CC 400-S Plus


Invertec CC 400-S is designed for reliability and durability with excellent arc characteristics. Advanced Invertec CC 400-S Plus can work as a touch start TIG welder. High duty cycle makes it possible for welding various sizes of electrodes. Built to IP23 classification, ensure it can work under harsh working environment

The inverter technology is used in the design of Invertec CC 400-S and Invertec 400-S Plus and provides the high level of efficiency and power factor which reduce the electricity and the cost of production during welding. It is designed with hot start and arc force adjustment control. Perfect function makes it have excellent flexibility for welding. 

Invertec CC 400-S Plus model is an ideal choice for field work such for generator and can work with cellulose electrode.

Advantage Lincoln

  • High current range - 400amp, enable it can work with 6mm electrode
  • S Plus model machine is installed with output choke and can weld cellulose electrode at vertical down
  • Adjustable hot start and arc force
  • Touch Start TIG makes it easy to achieve great atc start with minimal or no tungsten contamination
  • Extended cable up to 100m (350A, 70mm2 size) is suitable for long distance welding
  • Convenient operation interface with digital amp and volt meter
  • Overheating detection and fault alarm function
  • Remote control system enables S Plus machine to control the output current remotely
  • Build to IP23 classification, ensure reliability in harsh and demading environmental conditions

A Closer Look

Front Panel

Lower Case Connection

Front Panel

  1. Power Switch
  2. Thermal Shutdown Light
  3. Alarm Light
  4. Digital Meter
  5. A/V Switch
  6. Output Local/Remote Control Switch
  7. TIG/Touch Start TIG (Only for 400-S Plus Model)
  8. Output Current Control
  9. Hot Start Control
  10. Arc Force Control

Lower Case Connection

  1. Negative Output Terminal
  2. 6 Pin Remote Output Control Receptacle (Only for 400 S-Plus Model)
  3. Positive Output Terminal

Design Features 

  • Long life electrolytic capacitors are specially chosen for the machine design
  • Amorphous core technology reduces the whole machine's weight greatly
  • Deisgned with separated low voltage control PCB from high voltage precharge PCB, can reduce service cost
  • PCB potting process and vertical mounting reduces the failure rate
  • High reliable fan motor makes machine get enough air for cooling
  • Connected by MOLEX, which ensures the reliability of electrical connection
  • All of output line with short circuit protection, it can reduce the trouble caused by short circuit

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