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Super Air Amplifier

Powerful, efficient and quiet air mover for Blowoff, Cooling and Ventilation.

EXAIR's Super Air Amplifers move a large amount of air by creating a uniform, focused, high velocity blast of air that draws in surrounding air for an amplified output. Great for ventilation or cooling hot parts.

Super Air Amplifier using a small amount of compressed air as their power source, Super Air Amplifiers pull in large volumes of surrounding air to produce high volume, high velocity outlet flows to circulate air, move smoke, fumes and light materials. Also effective to cool, clean and dry parts or processes.

What is The Super Air Amplifier?

EXAIR's Super Air Amplifier has a patented design that uses a special shim to maintain critical position of the component parts. As a result, a precise amount of compressed air is released at exact intervals toward the center of the Super Air Amplifier. These jets of air create a constant, high velocity outlet flow across the entire cross-sectional area. Additional free air is pulled through the unit, resulting in higher amplification ratios. The balanced outlet airflow minimizes wind shear to produce sound levels that are typically three times quieter than other air movers.

The Super Air Amplifier is available in five standard outlet diameter of 3/4", 1-1/4", 2", 4" and 8" (19, 32, 51, 102 and 203mm) and produce air volume at outlet up to 3.000 SCFM (84.900 SLPM).

Super Air Amplifiers are supplied with a 0,003" (0,08mm) slotted air gap wwhich is ideal for most applications. Flow and force can be increased by replacing the sim with a thicker 0,006" (0,15mm) or 0,009" (0,23mm) shim. Model 120028 is supplied with a 0,009" (0,23mm) ai gap. A 0,015" (039mm) shim is available for Model 120028.


Compare to Fans:

  • No Moving Parts and No Electricity required
  • Ends are easily ducted
  • Instant On/Off
  • Variable force and flow
  • No RF interference

Compared to Venturies and Ejectors:

  • More air with lower compressed air consumption
  • Higher flow amplification
  • No internal obstructions
  • Meets OSHA pressure and noise requirements
  • Quiet


  • Vent welding smoke
  • Cool hot parts
  • Dry wet parts
  • Clean machined parts
  • Distribute heat in ovens/molds
  • Ventilate confined areas
  • Dust collection
  • Exhaust tank fumes

Here are some case studies:


The Problem: A company that designs major attractions for theme parks created a huge gorilla to startle the patrons. The animators wanted the oversized ape to appear as “life-like” as possible. To accomplish this, they used a series of motors and cylinders to make the movement of the eyes, hands, arms and torso appear realistic. They also installed a large speaker system to play an audio sample of a loud roar that matched his mammoth size. The finishing touch was to find a way to create a powerful blast of air that smelled like bananas each time the big ape's mouth opened. Attempts using an electrically powered blower Roaring Banana Breath proved unsuccessful due to the noise and the inability to obtain an “instant on” blast of air.

The Solution: They installed a tank of banana extract in his tummy and connected it to his mouth with a Model 120028 8" (203mm) Super Air Amplifier. As the spectators moved into position, a sensor activated the electronics, setting “Old Banana Breath” (name given by the designers) into motion. With a swift movement toward the crowd, his mouth opens and the Super Air Amplifier provides an instantaneous blast of high velocity air (filled with banana fumes) at them.

Comment: Why did the engineers select the Super Air Amplifier? First, simplicity. There are No Moving Parts to wear out or require maintenance. It uses only filtered compressed air as the power source. Second is the big instantaneous blast of high volume, high velocity airflow that couldn't be obtained using a blower or air nozzles. When it comes to special effects, Super Air Amplifiers are the way to go. When you watch the movies or visit the theme parks and see fast moving fog, smoke effects, or objects flying through the air, chances are a Super Air Amplifier is being used.


The Problem: A foundry that produces iron castings for the automotive industry had a problem with certain hot parts that slowed their production. After pouring, the castings gradually cool by traveling along a 200 foot long conveyor. At the end, a shake-out conveyor breaks the sand mold so the casting can be removed. Normally, the operator could pick up the part with special gloves and grind the rough edges. However, some castings such as crankshafts, differential housings, and shift parts retained too much heat, making them too hot to handle. The operator had to wait up to ten minutes for them to cool.

The Solution: They installed (5) Model 120022 2" (51mm) Super Air Amplifiers over the shakeout conveyor. The high output airflow from each Super Air Amplifier rapidly cooled the parts without shocking them (no cracks or imperfections from cooling too rapidly). When the part reached the end of the conveyor, the operator could proceed immediately. The backlog was completely eliminated.

Comment: This manufacturer had almost given up on finding a cooling solution since the fans and blowers that were tried in the past showed little improvement. Our Super Air Amplifier dramatically reduced the cooling time. As a result, they installed them on their second line. The low cost Super Air Amplifiers are compact, portable and have no moving parts to wear out (which is ideal in a dusty foundry). And, the patented design assures the highest output air volumes possible with the lowest air consumption.


The Problem: A newly designed transmission pan presented a myriad of cleaning problems for the die-caster. Because the configuration included channels and blind holes as well as smooth surfaces, a “shaped” air pattern was required for proper cleaning. No single blowoff product would fit the need. An assortment of open copper tubes and drilled pipes was considered, but was rejected as too noisy and expensive to operate. A blower was not an option due to the high purchase price, expensive maintenance costs and frequent downtime.

The Solution: With help from our Application Engineers, the company created a cleaning system incorporating a variety of EXAIR blowoff products. (2) Model 6013 High Velocity Air Jets, with their confined airstream, cleared the blind holes, while (2) Model 120022 2" (51mm) Super Air Amplifiers cleaned the channels. A Model 2012 12" (305mm) Standard Air Knife was positioned to blow out the casting’s underside.

Comment: There’s no doubt that the casting could have been cleaned just as well by hooking up a bunch of open copper tubes and throwing a ton of air at it. But, at what cost? EXAIR makes a variety of blowoff products because parts come in a variety of shapes and sizes. And, our products operate at a fraction of the air consumption and noise levels associated with open air jets. 

Cleaning Brake Rotors

The Problem: An automotive machine shop that manufactures brake rotors was having problems with chip build-up inside the part. They tried compressed air tubing flattened on their ends with little success. This resulted in high compressed air usage, high sound levels, and danger to their employees.

The Solution: A Model 120021 1-1/4" (32mm) Super Air Amplifier was substituted for the tubing. It provided a larger pattern of air, used less compressed air, the sound level was substantially lower, and it couldn't be dead ended.

Comment: Bent tubing or drilled pipe are inexpensive and easy to make. However, the initial cost is over- shadowed by its high energy use; holes can be blocked and noise level is excessive – both of which are OSHA violations. EXAIR’s Super Air Amplifiers are compact and dependable since there are no parts to wear out. Our patented design moves the most airflow possible while using the smallest amount of compressed air. The lower sound level was another bonus!

Super Air Amplifier Dimensions


 Airflow Pattern

Here are some sample of applicatios:

A Model 120022 2" (51mm) Super Air Amplifier drying a can bottom prior printing


A Super Air Amplifier removes smoke from a welding application


(5) Model 120022 2" (51mm) Super Air Amplifiers cool truck pistons.


A Model 120024 4" (102mm) Super Air Amplifier cools an engine during dynamometer testing


A Model 120022 2" (51mm) Super Air Amplifier and Model 1122 2" Flat Super Air Nozzles blow off transmissions after they are machined.

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