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The evolution of the little big machine

MEGA FORCE 225 E is designed with inverter technology Stick and Tig. Tungsten electrode welding applications for home, maintenance and light repairs. This machine is capable of welding in Stick and Tig mode and packed with features like power connect, IGBT technology and easy adjustment. All these features communicate through a LED technology and easy to see and use.


  • Simple to operate with Stick and Tig selector
  • IGBT Technology: Transistors high speed and efficiency
  • Automatic voltage change 120V or 230V
  • Intelligent protection against voltage variations with +/- 10%
  • Easy adjustment due to your amperage indicator
  • Digital display
  • Twist Mate connection
  • Generator compatible
  • Thermal protection indicator that helps to maintain the proper equipment operation by avoiding high temperatures of the internal circuits
  • Includes electrode holder and ground clamp with 3m welding cables
  • Connection board for power cable connection (includes 2m power cable as accessory)
  • Folding handle and charge strap
  • Turbo-cooling ventilation system
  • Rugged, compact and lightweight design

Front Controls

  1. LED Display
  2. Process Selector (STICK/TIG)
  3. TWIST MATE connection

Back Controls

  1. Power Connect Technology - automatic change of voltage 120 V or 230 V
  2. Improved cooling system
  3. IGBT Technology (It makes the machine more efficient, allows us better arc stability and allows to have a compact but very powerful machine)


Intuitive output current setting that facilitates the operator's application (indicates the current setting according to the electrode diameter to be used) Wide versatility of electrode types that can be applied.

Product Specifications

Input voltage: 120V / 1 / 50 /60 Hz and 230V / 1 / 50 /60 Hz

Max power: 3.08 kW @ 120 V - SMAW 7.28 kW @ 230 V - SMAW 2.05 kW @ 120 V - GTAW 5.24 kW @ 230 V - GTAW

Duty cycle: 110 A / 22,4 V / 60% and 225 A / 27 V / 40%

Output range: 10 A - 110 A and 10 A - 225 A

Open circuit voltage: 68V

Protection guide: IP21S

Dimensions (mm): 355x155x285

Net weight (Kg): 5.2


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