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Optimarc CV 505 P

Best choice for pulse welding of stainless & carbon steel

The new generation inverter technology MIG/MAG welding machine OPTIMAEC® CV 505P works with the latest high-precision wire-feeder LWF-32GS/LWF-34GS, achieve a quick-response and stabe arc, improve your welding experience!

The digitally controlled OPTIMARC® CV 505P provides constant voltage (CV) output for heavy duty welding applications and delivers superior welding performance and faster response to changes at the arc. It is an ideally suited for MIG/MAG and Flux Cored arc welding processes. Pulse welding of carbon and stainless steel could attain high-quality welding performance.

OPTIMARC® CV 505P could achieve high input power factor ratings for real savings on your electric bills and decrease your welding costs. Compared to OPTIMARC® CV 500P, the welding system composed of welding machine and LWF-32GS/34GS wire feeder can better control the “optimun spot” and improve the excellent arc performance and welding quality expected by users. OPTIMARC® CV 505P is ideal power source for industrial manufacturing such as steel structure, engineering machinery, ship manufacturing, petrochemical.

Required Accessories

  • Interconnection cable assembly (includes control cable, welding cable and gas hose)
  • Work cable assembly (with earth clamp)
  • MIG torch
  • Gas regulator/flow meter

Lincoln Advantages

  • Synergic function - preset current is matched with voltage automatically
  • Unique low power consumption - design with 85% efficiency and 0.94 power factor
  • Adjustable arc control - welder can choose soft or hard arc based on each mode
  • Fast arc response - even output control, uniform appearance, superior arc performance and weld penetration control
  • Digital meters - accurate weld parameter readings - weld parameter readings retained till welding ends - auto fault diagnostic display
  • Both voltage and current are pre-settable
  • Precise control
  • "Made to last" PC Boards
  • IP 23 Ratings - designed for harsh environment

Front Panel

  1. Gas selection
  2. Wire diameter selection
  3. Welding mode selection
  4. ON/OFF power switch
  5. Thermal indicator
  6. 2-step and 4-step selection
  7. Digital indication voltage meter
  8. Synergic
  9. Crater voltage
  10. Digital indication current meter
  11. Crater current
  12. Arc control
  13. Negative output stud
  14. Positive output stud
  15. 6-pin wire feeder connector
  16. status indicator
  17. Input cable holding bracket
  18. Input box
  19. Ground lead connection
  20. AUX. voltage receptacle
  21. Fuse and fuse holder
  22. Fuse and fuse holder

Rear Panel

Techical Specifications 


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