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The Oil Monitor (TOM)

The Oil Monitor (TOM) from OPECL, are designed for Automatic adjustment of the optimal oil lubrication level within a bearing housing, gear box, crankcase or similar oil bath application.They effectively solve the problem of adjusting the correct oil level during running conditions rather than during stand-still. Furthermore, they will automatically compensate for oil leakage and offer the possibility for visual inspection of the oil level. The oil leveler will not compensate if the oil level is too high.

Low Oil Level : Excessive wear, overheating, breakdowns, downtime.....etc,...etc.

High Oil Level : Increased resistance, higher oil temperatures, foaming, seal shrinkage and then seal leakage......etc,....etc.

TOM Benefits:

  • TOM maintains constant and accurate oil levels, continuously !.
  • TOM automatically compensates for oil leakage or consumption, Labor free !.
  • TOM has a transparent reservoir so oil level is easy to see. TOM enables simple comparison of oil consumption between similar machines and provides early warning of impending maintenance.
  • TOM provides easy access for periodical cleaning, if required. The lower reservoir enables inspection for potential contamination of oil / water / impurities.
  • TOM allows for the oil reservoir to be isolated in order to clean it.
  • TOM allows the oil level in the reservoir to be topped up without shutting down the machine.

TOM Features:

  • Right Time and Volume : Oil topped up only when needed.
  • Zero Loss : Eliminates equipment wear and failure due to low or improper oil supply.
  • Once Only : No ongoing adjustments after instalation.
  • Timely : TOM provides constant and accurate Oil Level Monitoring.
  • Safety : TOM simplifies "Preventive Maintenance" inspections !.
  • Reliable : TOM utilizes only gravity and atmospheric pressure.
  • Cheap To Run : No electric or battery power required.
  • Simple : No further manual adjustments required once installed.
  • Fast : Rapid inspection for contamination by Oil / Water / Impurities.

Here are some sample of applications:

TOM video

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