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VariBlast Compact Safety Air Guns

A uniquely powerful gun which produces variable force depending on trigger valve pressure!

EXAIR's VariBlast Compact Safety Air Guns are a small and lightweight air gun capable of handling tough job. Designed with a variable flow trigger the are able to produce different force values from the same nozzle simply by pulling the trigger. These air guns can be outfitted with all of EXAIR's 1/8 NPT engineered air nozzles and extensions are available up to 72" long.

The wide variety of intelligent compressed air nozzles instaled on the VariBlast Compact Safety Air Gun make it a great selesction for light to medium duty applications requiring force values up to 1 pound while remaining among the most efficient air guns in EXAIR's product line.

Here are some pictures of VariBlast Compact Safety Air Guns:

VariBlast Model 1699 with 1103 Nozzle, force 255 Grams.


VariBlast Model 1696SS with 1108SS Nozzle, force 57 Grams.


VariBlast Model 1690 with 1009 Adjustable Nozzle, force 34 Grams.


VariBlast with Chip Shield Model 1699SS-CS with 1103 Stainless Steel Nozzle, force 255 Grams.


VariBlast Compact Back Blow Safety Air Gun Model 1604SS-6-CS, 6" extension with Chip Shield

Sample of application:

With EXAIR's VariBlast Compact Safety Air Gun, YOU decide how much force is needed for the application by squeezing the trigger a little or all the way for maximum force.

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