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LINC i400

Portable and robust equipment for professional Stick and Lift TIG welding

Manufactured to combine both a sturdy industrial construction with excellent arc characteristics!

LINC i400 Stick and Lift TIG welder is a portable and robust equipment providing excellent arc characteristics. With its generator compatibility and complete versatility it can be fully utilized anywhere from sites to workshops. Featuring “Lift TIG”, “Hot Start” and an adjustable “Arc Force”, this machine has enormous flexibility.
The high duty cycle of the machine supports continuous welding with a wide variety of electrode types. LINC i400 has a solid industrial construction with the features of a professional Stick and Lift TIG welding machine capable of the toughest jobs.


  • Exceptional performance: high duty cycle at 40°C (400A @60%)
  • Versatile welding with any coated electrodes rutile and basic
  • Selectable VRD protection for increased safety and adjustable arc force, hot start & anti-stick for greater control and ease of use
  • Digital current display meter for accurate pre-setting and feedback of welding parameters & output
  • Phase loss protection prevents damage as machine automatically shuts down if power supply phase loss occurs
  • Temperature, voltage and current sensorsfor increased reliability & safety
  • Operating temperature -10°C to +40°C
  • Compatible with motor generator
  • Warranty period: 1 Year


  • Heavy industrial fabrication
  • Plant construction
  • Pressure vessels
  • Nuclear power station
  • Shipbuilding
  • Hardfacing
  • Process industry 

Product Data



Display: welding current and other parameters display when machine is working

Power indicator: this indicator lights when the machine is on an ready for use and it is connected to the mains supply

Alarm indicator: this indicator lights when occurred over voltage, over current, or overheating inside the machine

Welding Mode Selection: MMA/ VRD/ Lift TIG

MMA indicator

VRD indicator

Lift TIG indicator

Current knob: Rotate it to adjust current, range: 20~400A. 

Hot Start knob: 0~10.

10 Arc Force knob: 0~10.


W10529-17-4V TIG welding torch WTT217V-135A-4m, valve, conn. 13mm

W000260681 KIT 50C50

W000260682 KIT 50C50+

Unit Includes

Input cable 2,5m

Electrode holder cable 50mm2x5m and ground cable of 50mm2x5m

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