16 October 2018

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Removes MAGNETIC CONTAMINANT in liquid to less than 1 MICRON

A rugged HEPA quality vacuum! High capacity cleaning for dusty environments!

A Model EB1040SS Atomizing Nozzles are used to rinse wine bottles after capping

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Combine Roughing and Finishing End Mill

Speed Tiger introduce you a new products of FHP Plus series that Combine the advantage of roughing and finishing milling, remove chip efficiently and smooth surface quality. FHP Plus offer Coating with AlCrSiN (nACro) is suitable for various working condition( dry, wet or oil), FHP Plus is a single tool replaces the roughing and finishing endmills, dramatically reducing cycle time and increasing productivity it is suitable for all types of steel, avaiable in 4 flutes means 4 serrated plus 4 continuous flutes.

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October 2007 Roaring Banana Breath
EXAIR products are commonly used for many special effects that you see in the movies and experience at theme parks. One that many of you are familiar with includes a roaring gorilla. The designer of the major attraction wanted a cool finishing touch on this attraction. The breath of the oversized gorilla had to blow on the patrons like a strong wind AND smell like bananas. Read how our largest Super Air Amplifier was able to do what blowers and fans could not.

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September 2007 EXAIR's new Stainless Steel Super Air Wipe
EXAIR's new Stainless Steel Super Air Wipe produces a 360o airstream that can blowoff, dry, clean or cool the material passing through the center. The split design can be easily clamped around continuously moving material such as pipe, hose, cable, wire and extruded shapes.
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July 2007 Mufflers Reduce Noise And Protect Breathing Air
EXAIR's New Reclassifying Mufflers reduce work area noise produced by air exhausting from cylinders, valves and other air powered equipment. They help plants meet the OSHA standard 1910.95 to keep sound at safe levels of 90 dBA or below. In most installations, the typical noise reduction is 35 dBA. Reducing noise isn't their only purpose. Called "reclassifying mufflers", they use a patented wrap design that separates the oil from the exhausted air, eliminating the contamination of the worker's breathing air.

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March 2007

Once again Riten Industries confirms their postion as the world leader in live center technology by completing the manufacturing of this massive live center for one of the largest defense contractors in the United States. The live center handles a workpiece weight of well over 100,000 thousand pounds and is accurate to less than .0002.

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March 2007

New development simatherm IH-210-XL, the tried-and-tested IH-210 induction-heating unit is now available in the XL version with an operating space of 250x375 mm. The increased operating space makes it possible to heat workpieces with a maximum width (height) of 375 mm (workpiece placed around the spool, minimum internal diameter 135 mm) and an external diameter of up to 800 mm (with the workpiece arrangement above the sliding arm)

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February 2007

The simalube lubricators have been tested and approved according to directive 94/9/EC ATEX. The test was carried out according to the following standards :
EN 13463-1:1999 Non-electrical equipment for use in explosion-risk areas.
EN 1127-1:1997 Explosion protection.
EN 13980:2000 Explosion-risk areas - use of quality management systems.
EN 50020:2002 Electrical appliances for explosion-risk areas.

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January 2007

EXAIR's High Power Cold Gun produces a stream of 20oF air to reduce heat build up from laser cutting and a wide variety of machining operations

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August 2006

EXAIR's new Flexible Stay Set Hoses are ideal for applications where frequent repositioning of air nozzles is required

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June 2006

EXAIR's new Four Outlet Power Supply features four 5kV output connectors that can energize up to four static eliminators

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Heat Can Stop Your Machines !!!
It happens when you at least expect it. High temperatures can cook the electronic that control your machines, resulting in erroneous readings, trip-outs or fried circuit boards. Cooling the electrical cabinet can eliminate these problems.

simalube The Compact and Refillable Single-Point Lubricator is provided a consistent delivery of lubricant reliably and automatically, 24 hours a day for up to one full year

The Oil Monitor from OPECL are designed for Automatic adjustment of the optimal oil lubrication level, they also will automatically compensate for oil leakage and offer the possibility for visual inspection of the oil level.

The Model 5315 Cold Gun cools a two flutes 10mm carbide end mill on a CNC, increasing tool life by 50%

The model 6083 1-1/2" (38mm) Line Vac conveys plastic granules to the gravity feed hopper on an extruder

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