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  • simalube for Profesional Chain Lubrication

    Posted On. 2020-07-22 14:40:54 in Product News


    Use simalube to increase machine availability while reducing costs

    simalube lubricates chains in any industrial environment, efficiently and reliably. Continuous lubrication with simalube prevents premature damage, reduces maintenance costs and increases functional reliability. In operating environments where there is a lot of dirt and dust, cleaning the chains is as important as their lubrication. By using simalube brushes, this cleaning is permanently ensured.

    simalube lubricates chains in precise and perfectly measured doses

    simalube dispensers are ideal for use in dangerous and hard-toaccess places. Once installed, the dispenser lubricates both chain and sprockets consistently and reliably for up to one year. Thanks to the comprehensive simalube accessory range, the lubricant dispenser can be optimally and professionally installed and adjusted for the corresponding chain applications in conjunction with different-sized brushes. The exact dosage and precise delivery significantly reduce lubricant consumption.

    simalube applications for typical chain uses:

    • Conveyor belts and chains. • Escalators. • High-speed chains. • Slat-band and roller chains. • Hinges, slipways and slide rails. • Drying systems. • Chain drives. • Transport facilities. • Washing facilities

    Advantages of the simalube lubrication system:

    • Proven lubrication system for all kinds of chains. • No oil drops on the floor, no contamination of the surrounding area. • Reduced servicing and maintenance costs: manual lubrication eliminated, meaning less inconvenience and massive time savings. • Rust, noisy operation and squeaky chains avoided through the use of simalube chain lubricant. • No need to turn off the machines for servicing. • Chain service life considerably extended thanks to precise lubrication. • Convenient solution for each type of chain due to individually deployable accessories. • Once installed, the chains are reliably and continuously lubricated and cleaned

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