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Removes MAGNETIC CONTAMINANT in liquid to less than 1 MICRON

A rugged HEPA quality vacuum! High capacity cleaning for dusty environments!

A Model EB1040SS Atomizing Nozzles are used to rinse wine bottles after capping

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The Compact, Automatic and Refillable Single Point Lubricator

Roller bearings which are not lubricated sufficiently or wrongly drop out long before they have reached their expected product life. simalube lubricators guarantee a consistent supply of lubricant in the pre-adjusted proportioning. Shutdown times are decreased and costs in comparison to time-consuming lubrication by hand are clearly reduced.

Within seconds simalube is fixed to the lubricating point. On commissioning, a gas production cell is activated which presses the lubricant on the lubrication point through the release of hydrogen gas. The lubricating amount can be steplessly adjusted by means of an Allen key.

Advantages :

  • Reliability
  • High efficiency
  • Flexible time setting from 1 to 12 months
  • Can be temporarly Deactivated
  • Universal use
  • Refillability
  • Best environmental compatibility
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Induction Heaters from simatec

For the quick warm-up of roller bearings and other ring-shaped metal parts. Thanks to the heat extension the work piece can easily be fitted onto the shaft. In the warm-up process, only the work piece is heated but the equipment itself remains cold. simatec manufactures induction heaters for work pieces up to 4,000 kg. Heaters for special applications are developed on demand.

The inductive warm-up of ring-shaped parts is a quick, clean and efficient method. It replaces traditional warm-up techniques such as hotplates, hot oil baths, open flames or stoves.
Advantages :
  • Automatic time and temperature control
  • Automatic demagnetisation
  • Power reduction by up to 80%
  • A range of standard yoke sizes is included with every induction heater
Products :

Hot Plate HPS (small) and HPL (large)

The electric heating plate HPS (small) and HPL (large)was especially designed for the heating of small work pieces. The temperature of the heating plate can be adjusted by a turning knob in a range of 122392F (50200C).

simatherm Induction Heater IH-070

The IH-070 is intended to heat smaller to medium-sized work pieces up to 80 kg. The IH 070 comes equipped with 3 yokes and can be outfitted with an optional swivel arm. Due to the external induction coil the device exemplifies efficiency. The performance can be adjusted to four different levels according to the users requirements.

simatherm Induction Heater IH-090

The IH-090 is ideal for the heating of medium-sized bearings up to 120 kg. This series comes equipped with a swivel arm as well as three yokes in various sizes. Thanks to its integrated air cooling system the IH 090 is built for repeated mounting and continuous use.

simatherm Induction Heater IH-210

The IH-210 is intended to heat large work pieces up to 300 kg. The IH 210 comes equipped with two yokes. Due to the sliding yoke one can mount and remove the work piece. An additional benefit of the IH 210 is its built in air cooling system (IH 210F), which allows continuous operation or even a higher platform for larger work pieces (IH 210XL).

simatherm Induction Heater IH-240

The IH-240 is designed to heat very large size bearings up to 1200 kg. A bearing of 445 kg weight may be heated up to 110C in only 10 minutes. The IH 240 is a stationary ground model. The transport of this heater is easily made possible with a forklift or a pallet truck.

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The solution your problems when installing and removing bearings and seals

Advantages :

  • High-Quality tool components
  • Compact case with liner allowing all tool components to be neatly stored
  • User manual in the form of tables and illustrations
Products :

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Volcano IH 025

The simatherm IH 025 VOLCANO marks the start of a new era in the field of portable induction heaters. The patented technology enables outstanding heating performance from an extremely light structure. You can use it to heat roller bearings with an inner diameter as small as 20 mm up to on outer diameter of 160 mm and a weight of up to 10 kg. To do this, simply place the workpiece onto the VOLCANOs cone shaped heating surface.
  • Portable, compact and very light (3.5 kg)
  • A bearing weighing 5 kg can be heated to 110C in under four minutes
  • Silent in operation
  • No support yoke required simply place the workpiece on the device
  • Predictive Temperature Control (PTC) for automatic temperature monitoring
Technical Data

Voltage and Power Option
230 V6.5 A1.5 kVA
115 V10.5 A 1.2 kVA
100 V10.5 A1.05 kVA
- Maximum weight
- Inner diameter
- External diameter

10 kg (ferritic metals)
From 20 mm
Up to 160 mm
Automatic temperature system
- Control range
- Magnetic sensor
- Accuracy (electronic)
20180C (68356F)
Type K
3C to 110C ( 6F to 230F)
Automatic time system
- Timescale
- Accuracy

010 minutes
0.1 minute intervals
Maximum heating temperature180C (356F)
Dimensions (WxDxH)340 x 250 x 64 mm (over cone 121 mm)
Total weight3.5 kg
Housing materialPlastic

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