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Standard Force Nozzles

Group of air nozzles that produce up to 22 ounces (624 grams) of force, which is suitable for most applications.

  • Compact design fits easily in tight spaces
  • Engineered to efficiently use compressed air for optimal blowoff force
  • Meets OSHA noise level requirements
  • Meets OSHA pressure requirements

How Super Air Nozzles Works?

Air Nozzles use the Coanda effect to amplify compressed airflow up to 25 times or more. Compressed air is ejected through a series of nozzles on the outer perimeter. As the air travels along the outer wall of the nozzle, surrounding air (blue arrows) is entrained into the stream. The airstream that results is a high volume, high velocity blast of air at minimal consumption. The air is always ejected so it can vent safely, well below OSHA dead end pressure requirements, should the nozzle end be blocked.

Here are some sample of products:

Atto Super Air Nozzles M4 x 0.5 model 1108SS. Material 316 stainless steel or PEEK (plastic), Force 56.7 Grams.


Pico Super Air Nozzles M5 x 0.5 model 1109SS. Material 316 stainless steel or PEEK (plastic), Force 142 Grams.


Nano Super Air Nozzles M6 x 0.75 model 1110-PEEK. Material PEEK (plastic) or 316 stainless steel, Force 230 Grams.


Micro Air Nozzle 1/8 NPT model 1010SS. Material 303 stainless steel, Force 340 Grams.


Mini Super Air Nozzle 1/8 NPT model 1102. Material aluminum, PEEK (plastic) or stainless steel, Force 255 Grams.


Super Air Nozzles model 1100. Material aluminum, PEEK (plastic) or 316 stainless steel, Force 368 Grams.

Here are some sample of applications:

Super Air Nozzles with Stay Set Hoses provide adjustability and precision.


Precise aiming and location is a breeze with EXAIR Stay Set Hose


Flat Super Air Nozzles

EXAIR's 1" and 2" Flat Super Air Nozzles are highly efficient , unique flat air nozzles. They patented design uses a special shim to maintain the critical position of the component parts. A precise amount of air is released through the thin slot, across a flat surface. The result is a wide, forceful stream of high velocity, laminar airflow with minimal air consumption and noise.

The 1" and 2" Flat Super Air Nozzles are shipped with a 0.015" (0.38mm) air gap opening that is set with a stainless steel shim positioned between the cap and the body. Force and flow may be easily increased or decreased by installing a different shim.

1" Flat Super Air Nozzle model 1126. Material aluminum or 316 stainless steel

2" Flat Super Air Nozzle model 1122. Material aluminum or 316 stainles steel

2" Super Air Scrapper

EXAIR's 2" Super Air Scrapper is a patent pending nozzle used to eliminate stubborn debris from work or machine surface. This 2" flat nozzle utilizes a corrosion resistant scrapper blade to provid the needed leverage to get underneath and scrape away fixed debris before the air can remove it from a surface. Application include removal of tape, gaskets, adhesive, labels and stickers, grease, paint and sealant. A scrapper nozzle can assist in cleaning sub plates, machining tables and difficult to sweep metal chips, flakes or discs. They are ideal when used upon a Soft Grip Super Air Scrapper.

Here are some sample of applications:

A stainless steel 1" Flat Super Air Nozzle removes condensation from a label prior scanning


1' Flat Super Air Nozzle makes clean sweep of greasy chain

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