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Mini Cooler

Cool small parts and tools with clean, cold air! Prevent burning, melting or breakage!

What is The Mini Cooler?

A proven way to reduce downtime and increase productivity on a variety of operations involving small parts where heat is a problem. EXAIR's Mini Cooler produces a stream of 20F (-7ºC) cold air to prevent heat build-up. The Mini Cooler is particularly effective on high speed operations to prevent burning, melting and heat related breakage. Operation is quiet (76 dBA) and there are No Moving Parts to wear out.

How The Mini Cooler Works?

The Mini Cooler incorporates a Vortex Tube to convert a small amount of compressed air into two low pressure streams, one moving within the other in opposite directions. The two airstreams exchange heat, producing cold air from one end of the tube and hot air from the other. A flexible hose directs the cold airstream at the surface to be cooled.


  • Small tool cooling
  • Needle cooling
  • Blade cooling
  • Lens grinding


  • Low cost
  • Increase production rates
  • Improves tolerances
  • Quiet, compact

Sample of application:

The Mini Cooler cool small saw blade.

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