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Air Jets

Produces a powerful, directed airstream that's ideal for part ejection or reaching hard-to-reach areas.

  • Entrains a large volume of air to supplement supplied air
  • Available in brass and Type 303 stainless steel
  • Meets OSHA noise and pressure requirements


  • Reduced compressed air costs
  • 10 dBA average noise reduction
  • Conserve compressed air
  • Improved blowoff performance
  • Compact
  • Improved safety
  • Meets OSHA noise level requirements
  • Meets OSHA pressure requirements.
  • Improved production


  • Part cleaning
  • Chip removal
  • Part drying
  • Liquid blowoff
  • Part cooling
  • Material conveying
  • Part ejection
  • Air assist

How EXAIR Air Jets Work?

Air Jets utilize the Coanda effect (wall attachment of a high velocity fluid) to produce air motion in their surroundings. As illustrated on the right, a small amount of compressed air (black arrows) is throttled through an internal ring nozzle above sonic velocity. A vacuum is produced, pulling large volumes of surrounding, or “free” air, through the jet (blue arrows). Both the outlet and inlet can be ducted for remote positioning. If the end is blocked, flow simply reverses at well below OSHA dead end pressure requirements.

Here are some sample of applications:

Oddly shaped parts often require a combination of Air Nozzles and Air Jets for proper blowoff.



A combination of Model 6013 High Velocity Air Jets dry this chainsaw cylinder head


A series of Air Jets are blowing metal shaving out of this engine block prior to assembly.

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