23 February 2018

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Removes MAGNETIC CONTAMINANT in liquid to less than 1 MICRON

A rugged HEPA quality vacuum! High capacity cleaning for dusty environments!

A Model EB1040SS Atomizing Nozzles are used to rinse wine bottles after capping

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The Principals businesses of include inventory management, marketing and distribution of Industrial Equipment and General Hardware, Engineering and Specialities Products. We are representatives of premium quality and innovative products from the best manufacturer in the world, this is to provide you our valued customers a new, innovative and cost-effective products to achieve cost savings so that productivity will be enhanced for you.

, resources enable the company offered the disciplines based services of Automation and Control Engineering, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Building Services Engineering these disciplines are then integrated into a comprehensive range of services that target project needs.

With a network that span the region, covers all of industrial area in major cities of Indonesia, we are continuously upgrading ourselves to better our competitors and to build on the faith that the customers have entrusted on the products.

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list of products

A world leader in magnetic technology such as Magnetic†Filtration and Magnetic Separation†- 100 years of manufacturing excellence

Since 1974 Encyclon has been designing and manufacturing cyclonic filtration systems to helping Your Bottom Line, remove 98% of all particles to 3 or 5 microns
Encyclon Cyclonic Filtration Systems filter, circulate and store coolants for metalworking and other water-base or synthetic liquid operations.

EXAIR : Manufacturing Compressed Air products for Industry since 1983
Please find the solution for Blowoff, Drying, Cleaning, Cooling, Convey parts, Vacuum, Static Eliminator applications with No Moving Parts and reduce Noise Level.

Since 1998, FC KOREA CO., LTD is a manufacturer which is specialized in flowmeters and have supplying to various industrial sectors including Petrochemical, Chemical, Fertilizer, Cement, Paper, Pharmaceutical, Power, Steel and Refinery companies.

The Oil Monitor ( TOM ) from OPECL, are designed for Automatic adjustment of the optimal oil lubrication level within a bearing housing, gear box, crankcase or similar oil bath application.They effectively solve the problem of adjusting the correct oil level during running conditions rather than during stand-still. Furthermore, they will automatically compensate for oil leakage and offer the possibility for visual inspection of the oil level. The oil leveler will not compensate if the oil level is too high.

Founded in Florida in the USA in 1986 by a team of veteran specialists in PTFE (polytetrafluoroetylene) lubrication technology, the "slickest substance known to man". QMI quickly became recognised as the leading manufacturer of premium industrial and consumer PTFE treatments. QMI meets ever-increasing industrial maintenance challenges with a full line of PTFE treatments and related products designed to protect your expensive equipment investments.

Simatec research, develop and produce everything connected with the fitting, dismounting and the maintenance of bearings since 1983.

  • simalube The automatic single point lubricator
  • simatherm Induction heaters for a quick warm-up of roller bearings and other ring-shape metal parts.
  • simatool The tools for mounting and dismounting of roller bearing.

air precleaner products are specifically designed to perform better in the real world than ingestive precleaners and other competitive air precleaners.

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Heat Can Stop Your Machines !!!
It happens when you at least expect it. High temperatures can cook the electronic that control your machines, resulting in erroneous readings, trip-outs or fried circuit boards. Cooling the electrical cabinet can eliminate these problems.

simalube The Compact and Refillable Single-Point Lubricator is provided a consistent delivery of lubricant reliably and automatically, 24 hours a day for up to one full year

The Oil Monitor from OPECL are designed for Automatic adjustment of the optimal oil lubrication level, they also will automatically compensate for oil leakage and offer the possibility for visual inspection of the oil level.

The Model 5315 Cold Gun cools a two flutes 10mm carbide end mill on a CNC, increasing tool life by 50%

The model 6083 1-1/2" (38mm) Line Vac conveys plastic granules to the gravity feed hopper on an extruder

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